Whether your file is “print-ready” or you have parts that you want us to incorporate (example – your logo) you can supply them to us in 4 ways:

  1. You can go to a website called www.wetransfer.com where you can send large files for free.
    Just follow the instructions on the site. All you need is our email address and your file. There are other sites similar that are equally good.
  2. If SMALL (up to 8MB/8000KB): E-mail as attachment to info@kpsign.com
  3. Burn to disk or memory stick and bring it to our shop.
  4. Drop Box – Great file sharing utility. Go to their site and make an account. You can share files with anyone else who has a drop box account. www.dropbox.com

We accept files from:

  • Illustrator (CC or lower)
  • InDesign (CC or lower)
  • Photoshop (CC or lower)
  • Word/Excel (365 or lower)
  • Publisher (365 or lower)
  • PDF (preferred)

Make sure your file has all the elements required for production including:

  • Linked photos and graphics
  • Fonts
  • Bleeds and crop marks

Please view our file submission check list for some tips on how to send us proper files. Click here to view.