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About The Industry

Label Stocks

Our label solutions cover wide stock options. Our most commonly ordered labels & stickers stock is Biaxially-Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP labels).

BOPP is an ideal material for label printing because:

  • It has very high resistance to fatigue
  • A high temperature resistance
  • Great clarity
  • Resistance to UV rays and absorption

BOPP labels are water proof and impervious to oils, are extremely tough, non-toxic and are great for labeling products including:

  • Bath and body products
  • Food bottles and jars
  • Beverage products
  • Canned products
  • Cosmetics

The second most common label stock used is Polyethylene labels. Polyethylene labels are another great option for labels as they are tear resistant, good moisture and chemical resistors, strong and durable. Polyethylene labels are more environmental friendly, as they can be easily recycled with a polyethylene container.

Polyethylene (PET) labels are great for:

  • Consumer disposable products
  • Medical products
  • Food industry products
  • Auto industry products

Paper labels & stickers are also a great stock to choose when requiring cost effective solution on labels & stickers not withstanding rough conditions. Paper labels are also great when touch and feel texture is important. Paper labels are definitely a more Eco-friendly solution. Paper labels are versatile and can be used in variety of industries.

Water Based Inks

We use water-based inks, which are safe and friendlier on the environment than UV, solvent or liquid toner inks. Prints are water fast and have excellent fade resistance producing labels and stickers that are vibrant and eye-catchy.

Specialty Labels

Specialty labels are a great way to make your product and brand have an X-factor and stand apart from the rest. Specialty labels include foil or metallic labels, embossed labels (including taper edge created from brass die) or white-ink labels on clear labels. One of our labels & stickers experts would be happy to go over with you in more details on all the options available. Get in touch today and see the positive difference.

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